To have and to hold, from this day forward...
For better and For worse...
For richer and For poorer...
In sickness and In health...
So long as I shall live...!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Days Without YOU

days without you have been

like having no future...
nowhere to rest my hopes, none to share my ups and downs

like having tears and no tissues...
nowhere to lay my head and my aching heart

like having being imprisoned...
and trapped inside my own self

Sunday, May 23, 2010

it tears me up to tear you down

endless tears fall just like rain
often find failure time and time again


I feel like life is spinning out of control.
The harder I try to get ahead, the more i just barely get by.
Is it time for me to think about quitting life?

i dint mean it... i am sorry

Hi Sexy aalias hotty alias swthrt alias jaaneman alias sonpapdi alias chaand alias maal alias mera bachha
I hope this letter find u in the best of ur moods(like the one u were in yesterday nite)
I write this letter filled with a deep remorse nd guilt.
I mean how cud someone be so irresponsible
Leaving an angel like you waiting for me i slept.
This is a gross mistake from my side.
Nd i know no words can be said to forgive me coz the magnamity of the mistake is enormous.
I should be hanged for the demeanour
But tht wud be detrimental for both of us.
And i know tht u have a big beautiful heart and could forgive me if u wanted to.
I know i dont desreve it but still i ask for an apology.
Hope u accept it nd relieve me of this feeling of guilt
always urs

This was once..... but today i want to tel dis to u magnet, that....
I am sorry that I cannot always give you what you want. I am sorry that I hurt you. I am sorry I am always inhibited. I am sorry I live with fear. I have not been the best daughter, sister, or a partner. I'm sorry for not being perfect like everyone else. I'm sorry for I fail at all things that life throws my way.
I'm really, really sorry for anything and everything that I have ever done, but I can't take any of it back as I can't travel in time. So I can only hope to beg for forgiveness for all things bad and evil.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


It was a special day. It was the beginning of one of the best days of my life, I thought. We had decided to spend the evening together after work. We walked down to the rustic ambience of our favorite place.
Wonderful smelling food stalls were stimulating our taste buds as we pulled up to the table. We sat down and chattered away about everything, and nothing. Beginning with the chocolates and ending with the mouth watering aloo-tikki, we ate, we laughed, we teased and we had the most fun filled day ever. It was so perfect that it seemed like the whole world had gone away and we were the only two people left. As he gazed into my eyes, the summer breeze whispered through the trees, but yet the world stood still and when he kissed me, it began to drizzle. I smiled and was happy, for he created this joyous day for me. Indeed that shall be a treasured memory for all time…. feeling the tenderness of his being in my life, who cares for more than just my physical hunger. Every single time I am with him, it seems as if I have bathed in a special warmth and light.
Soon we hugged, kissed and after bidding goodbye to each other, we were on way home. The very next moment, the vehicle in which I was travelling lost control. It got hit by car and upturned on its wheels. “I met with an accident”. I was brought out by some good-hearted people passing by. By almighty’s grace, I am recovering from the injuries, though I still feel a little woozy. But I wonder what “HE” (The Almighty) was up to that day.
“You are a fighter, you will be fine soon. Don’t worry sweetheart I am with you”….. He keeps telling me this. And surely, this gives me hope and strength too. He is one man I know, who does not express much, not even the bit required. But has been with me through the thick and thin. Always. He is perfect in my eyes, the small imperfections is nothing compared to how much I truly love him. I cry over him, I dream about him and every minute of every day I think about him. HE IS MY WORLD. Without him I cannot live.

Sure hope I’ll be with him tomorrow…!

THANK YOU.... family and friend...!

You have been my strength....!